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Thursday, Jun 14, 2018
Cystitis and Blood: What Is Going On?
Posted by Amelia Grant of
Any disease seems to aggravate when bleeding appears among the disturbing symptoms. Cystitis is not the exclusion. Patients feel scared and confused when they see blood in their urine. What does it mean? Is it the aggravation of their cystitis or something more serious? So many questions and worries appear at once. Let us first figure out what is the nature of cystitis. It is the result of the infectious damage of the bladder mucosa. The infection launches the inflammatory process. The main symptoms of the disease are frequent imperative urination (though the amount of urine is very small), feeling of discomfort in the pelvic and perineal areas, painful urination and a constant feeling of pressure in the bladder. If the disease is treated in time, it all passes very soon. Still, in many cases, it is neglected and progresses without obstacles. The symptoms naturally get worse which leads to the appearance of blood. Blood in the process of urination is called hematuria. If it goes together with cystitis, such a form of the disease is called hemorrhagic. Hemorrhagic cystitis has a special clinical picture. It can go together with fever, shivers, weakness and give your urine an unpleasant smell. It comes in both acute and chronic forms. Chronic hematuria causes the symptoms of anemia heartache, dyspnea, chronic fatigue, nausea, paleness and weakness of nails and hair. If you currently suffer from blood being in your urine, you need to take it seriously. It will not pass by itself and will require medical attention. Do not trust recipes from the Internet they may make things worse; make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. The infection has already damaged the blood vessels of the organ and neglecting it further may lead to its full dysfunction.Click Here for Provider's Detail Page
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